"Freezing in Jamaica"

13 tracks, all original by: No Results

  1. Words of the Wise
  2. Go Nuts
  3. Skrew Up
  4. Poor Man
  5. Paradise Parody
  6. Living a Dream
  7. Chirp Chirp Blah Blah
  8. Watching the World Explode
  9. Evolution of Aggression
  10. Chrisy D.
  11. Too Beautiful to Talk to
  12. Pump Party Pass Out
  13. The Ladies Man

"Freezing in Jamaica" is No Results' third album. A drastic and risky decision was made when the band decided where to record this one. Mike Jeswald, Geoff Letson and Joe Cavaretta could have gone the extra mile and spent more time and money in a professional recording studio but that was definitely not the case for this album. Instead No Results decided it had to create the new album in a fashion they would have absolutely no pressure at all. As an alternative to using top notch equipment in a high quality studio, No Results went completely digital relying on a simple home computer doing one track at a time out of Mike's bedroom. Everyone in the band was completely reluctant at first until both Geoff and Joe came over to Mike's house one day for band practice. Mike had recorded his drums with some new drum mics he bought and mixed the sound of those to other sounds he created with his computer. After hearing what mike had done, Geoff and Joe both agreed to record "Freezing in Jamaica" without considering any outside help. If Mike could create the sound he wanted then so could the rest of the band. So for the next seven months No Results got together every so often and laid down track after track until they finally got a product each member could agree on.