"2nd Chance"

14 tracks, all original by: No Results

  1. A No Results Ballad
  2. Objects Are Closer Than They Appear
  3. Freak Out
  4. Drive Too Fast
  5. World Should Be...
  6. Ghetto Way Plane
  7. King of the World
  8. Mary go Round
  9. Skanokasan
  10. Your Face
  11. Take Me to Stars
  12. Never Forget
  13. No More
  14. Breathe

No Results' second CD, titled *2nd Chance*, features 13 original tracks. All of the action happned in Cheektowaga, New York at Outer Limit Recording Studio. The quality of the recording is very professional and interesting because it is the same studio where world famous artists have recorded including Eminem. Only 2 years after recording their first CD, No Results has grown in a way that is awe-inspiring. *2nd Chance* has a very mature sound and covers a variety of feelings. It is as energetic and hard hitting as it is soothing and relaxing. The songs are very catchy, extremely enjoyable, and easy for anyone relate to. If everyone in the world had the chance to listen to this CD, there would be world peace. Hit songs include *Freak Out*, *Ghetto Way Plane*, and "World Should Be..."

2ND Chance is No Results' second release. This original, explosive album is a benchmark in the local music scene. The recording quality is excellent, and the musical proficiency is even better. The Holland, New York threesome- Geoff Letson, Mike Jeswald and Joey Caveretta- have achieved a fine-tuned sonic perfection. The fun-loving, fast paced nature of the music is enough to excite any music enthusiast. If you love pop- punk groups like Blink- 182, Greenday, and the mellow- geek rock of Weezer; you'll absolutely love this album.
Though the group is named No Results, after listening to this adrenaline- filled, powerful album, anyone will know for a fact that this group's name is pure comedy. They are a well-fit group of musicians whose fun filled stage antics compliment their musical shenanigans. The album is named 2nd chance, but as anyone can blatantly see- this won't be their last chance.
-Joe Rauscher