Just a Mistake

16 tracks, all original by: No Results
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  1. Aquarian
  2. Jock Life
  3. Crazy
  4. Selfish Dream
  5. My Hat
  6. Jerk
  7. Gift of Life
  8. Perfect Society
  9. In the Wrong Lane
  10. They're All Gunna Laugh At Me
  11. Wanna Be Free
  12. Partyin' With My Mom
  13. Ordinary Day
  14. Close Yet So Far
  15. What We Are
  16. Last Straw

"Just a Mistake" -- the first CD No Results created -- was recorded when the members were sophomores in High School. It was recorded in many places. The drums and bass were recorded at Mike's house. The guitar was recorded at a recording studio in Tonawanda, New York at a place called Plastic Dreams. The vocal tracks were recorded at Mike's house, Plastic Dreams, and the recording engineer's house in Buffalo, New York. The CD was then mastered at the home of the recording engineer. "Just a Mistake" features 16 original tracks. It captures the memories of the group*s young teenage years. With a pop skater punk rock sound, this album contains plenty of humor and covers hardships most youth can relate to. The overall feeling of the CD is happy, catchy, and full of energy. Hit songs include *Jock Life* and *Crazy*.